Sometimes — most of the time really if I’m patient and present with the process — I find myself completely in awe of the words that flow like warm honey from that most tender part of my heart space. I think that’s why I love my morning walks so much. I make it a point not to jump into any email or social media or even anything particularly unconscious until I arrive at my workspace. I like being alone with the words. Feeling them out. My guided meditations are particularly delicious because I get to bring others on a journey with me — it’s a collective journey but also remains deeply individual.

“In this present moment, we reconnect to our wholeness of Being. In the space and flow of the breath, we find ourselves grounding and rooting in our highest truth — in the essence of our capacity as we find comfort and rest in our bodies. In the space and flow of the breath, we reconnect… We re-member the deep embodied wisdom that lives within us. In the space and flow of the breath, we find delicious paradox — the strength in our vulnerability and the generosity in asking what is in it for us — what’s in it FOR us…” -Karen Kirchman

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