Dear Self… You know you have to answer that call — that call from deep within your being; that call that sounds like barely a whisper but carries the undeniable force of a wildfire. You know without question and yet you hesitate… part of you wishing for a different path forward… part of you clinging to the resonance of a long hoped-for but not available outcome…  Even still, the deeper wisdom within you holds your truth. The next steps may feel more messy and unresolved than your expectation, but that deeper part of you welcomes the untangling. It’s time to say ‘YES!’ to you. It’s time to let yourself be served first. Let go of your resistance and let yourself be infinitely supported.

Day 2-0 of Dear Self-Love February! Let this month be an affirmation of the complete and total genius of being you. Fall in love with yourself. Laugh with yourself. Feel and come to know every part of you. Take a moment to receive yourself through the eyes and heart of Love. I’ll be sharing a new Dear Self-Love note every day.  Join me in any way that feels best for you – be sure to tag any posts with #RGLDearSelfLove. #RealGeniusLife #andsoitis #letgo

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