What should I do?
How do I decide?
Which step should I take?

Caught up.
Tangled in the ‘figuring it all out’.
Running around in circles in the mind.

Remember there is more of you. There is a deeper, wider well of wisdom that is far more elegant than what you can MacGyver and stitch together alone in your brain… a grace that comes from the infinite resource already within you but not yet fully seen. You have a body and soul that desire to feel good, to feel joy. You have an ever-evolving expression that desires to create that which has never been before. There is a part of you that already knows the nourishing choice.

Ask. Better. Questions.
What makes you feel alive?
What feels good at-depth?
What feeds you at every level – body, mind, and spirit?
What ignites your soul?

Ask Better Questions

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