Some days, you show up to life fully lit-up, feeling inspired and allowing expression with ease and flow… And some days, not so much. Some days, it feels hard and stitched-together. Some days, you get caught in bullshit traffic and you spill coffee on yourself and completing the work of the day feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall.

But, here’s the thing: you still show up with your brilliance. Even when it feels hard or you feel unsure about the project or you doubt your contribution; you still show up with your brilliance. Even when you question your worth, you still show up with your brilliance. And it is enough — your very Being is enough. Your presence is all that is required.

So, rest in the light of your heartbeat. Feel the wave of your breath. Come home to yourself and remember that you have everything you need within you now or within your reach. Connect with with brilliance of who you already are.

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