Humanity is a deeply painful experience. We must feel through the wounding of our world both individually and universally. We feel the sharp blade of the pain patterns that directly strike our tender hearts. And we feel the pangs of compassionate surrender as we witness the expressions of pain inflicted on our brothers and sisters in our global family.

This is the hardest thing: to be witness to pain… We feel helpless in its presence. We are humbled to our core. We ache for resolution that may not be available in the moment of infliction. We struggle to know what is ours to do.

On the healing path, there is no right or wrong. There is no one way to make it better. There is no quick fix. There is only the conviction of our soul and the light of our love. We illuminate the pathway forward breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat.

It is through the embodiment of our own wholeness that the world shifts. Our presence with our own experience is our potency. From this space of awareness, we (en)lighten our journey with each thought, word and action. With courage, we bring a healing world into being.

It may not feel like enough… to make the nourishing choice for ourselves – body, mind and soul. But it is in healing our own wounds that we honor all parts of ourselves and begin to stand in integrity at-depth. It is in feeling into our own innate worth (just as we are) that we stand firm in the sacred ground of our hearts. We begin within. And in so doing, we hold strong in the capacity for a world transformed and speak it into existence.

It is from this centeredness of being that expanded awareness and inspired action are revealed. It is the moment-by-moment choices that create a powerful wave of loving kindness. It is in our willingness to be vulnerable in our own experience that we find a place beyond the pain and the strength to be in aligned service to our world.

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