“Changing your mindset is super important when it comes to wanting to follow your soul.”
-Stephanie Goudreault

Today’s guest is spiritual belief and mindset coach, Stephanie Goudreault. In this potent discussion, we dive into the real roots of anxiety, the stakes of change and expanding your mindset, and the untapped potency of millenials. Stephanie also shares a simple yet powerful tool for resolving anxiety and honoring who we are and how we feel. In short, this conversation offers a deep and resonant ‘why’ for how we change the world simply by choosing to be ourselves – and why it is a necessary choice.

Stephanie is a brilliant coach. She believes that anxious thoughts, limiting beliefs and irrational fears are not life sentences. She is transforming the millennial generation’s mindsets by giving the right tools and the right steps to help them let go of old disempowering belief patterns.

Where to Find Stephanie Goudreault
Insta: @stephanie.goudreault
FB: @stephgoudreault

Inspired References from Today’s Show
Simon Sinek (Here’s the interview Stephanie and I referenced.)
Claim Your Power by Mastin Kipp
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
Dr. Sue Morter

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The music you hear in the introduction and closing of this podcast is from artist and composer Broke for Free (published under a Creative Commons Attribution license).

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