Healing is rarely linear or logical. The journey of tending our wounds, soothing our bodies and souls, and developing our potentials is a layered and ever-evolving process. It is still an incredibly worthwhile path to pursue, because along the way we come to know our own depths and desires; we find wholeness in our bodies and beings; and we stand to gain everything we dare to dream.

We stumble down the pathway searching for anything that will resolve the pain – whether that’s a physical ailment, an active anxiety, a stuck part of our lives, or the contrast of an unrealized goal. And because feeling through the messy parts of our human experience is filled with discomfort and unforeseen detours, we feel like we have to figure it all out by ourselves. In this ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ culture, we think we’re supposed to have everything handled or that growth is an expressly solitary journey.

But here’s the real truth: we were never meant to heal alone. We are required to be connected. A necessary part of our healing happens within our interconnection and experiences of belonging. And while we must remain empowered advocates for ourselves and have a foundation of self-care and inner work; we must also have support and balance our effort with receiving. The deepest healing and transformation require safe space and loving presence. They require the vulnerability of allowing ourselves to be held in the process. They require the right support – whether a coach, healer, doctor, or loved one aligned with our values – to help us resolve and illuminate the pathway forward.

The work of healing is uniquely our own, but there is so much potency in allowing ourselves to be witnessed – to be seen and heard and met. These trusted guides see us beyond our own limiting beliefs and filters. They hold space for our ultimate potential to come into being. With the right support, we can go beyond our wildest imagination in a fraction of the time with more joy and ease. We are stronger together.

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