Pain is a language. It’s loud and full of discomfort, but it is communicating. More to the point, it has our attention. In some cases, we are tuned in to its message and know how to resolve its expression. But it’s not always so simple…

Sometimes pain surfaces in our bodies or lives, and it stretches on for seemingly endless lengths of time. Sometimes that pain morphs and surprises us (and not in a good way) no matter what we do. Sometimes the pain is shrouded in mystery and misery. And if it goes on long enough, we begin to numb and disconnect in our suffering.

Pain expresses in lots of different ways – which compounds its cryptic nature. We may feel it as acute pain or inflammation of dis-ease in our physical structures. We may feel it as systemic challenges in the organism of our body. We may feel it as fear or anxiety in our daily life. We may feel it as stagnation or frustration or overwhelm in our internal or external experience. We may feel it as conflict in our relationships. We may feel it as struggle or hardship.

And yet in all of these cases, there is a singular root cause: there is imbalance present. Our bodies already know how to heal. Our lives already know how to thrive. Our beings already know how to flourish. There is nothing we need to seek outside of ourselves. The pain is illuminating the presence of something in the way of our innate brilliance and expression.

There is an art and a science to resolving these imbalances. Often they are layered, just as we are – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They also tend toward being split between our conscious and subconscious which means we are aware of some parts but not others. This is why engaging help is vital. We need authentic care and loving support to see beyond our own filters and limiting beliefs and patterns of wounding.

No matter where pain is expressing in your experience, rest in the knowing that resolution is more than possible – it is unfolding in this very moment. The imbalances are only surfacing to be an invitation to healing. They are evidence that the underlying limitations are no longer needed. Everything you need is within you now or within your reach.

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