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As I remain present to my own healing journey and support my clients in theirs as a wholeness coach and integrative healer, I find myself drawn to a deeper understanding of the concept and expression of dysregulation — in our bodies, systems, and lives. It underlies so many of our challenges – why we reach for foods/behaviors that do not nourish us; why our bodies express illness (especially chronic and autoimmune); why we feel heavy emotions like overwhelm, anxiety, and judgment; and why we shut down (in body, mind and soul). And, inherent in this understanding is also a vital connection to their resolution.

Dysregulation is the underpinning of discomfort and challenge. In basic terms, dysregulation occurs when one of our systems becomes imbalanced. This can happen in a whole host of ways both big and small. When active for a prolonged period of time, the effect and impact of the dysregulation grows in magnitude. That could mean a physiological imbalance like hormone disruption, leaky gut, or inflammation. That could mean an emotional imbalance like a triggered state of strong, persistent emotion - especially our heaviest emotions that are difficult to process and clear like anger, rage and sadness. That could mean a mental imbalance like anxiety or overwhelm from stress. Or, that could mean a spiritual imbalance like limiting beliefs and states of being that affect our sense of inherent worth and value.

The point here is that there are many dysregulations we encounter on a daily basis;  it is a regular, natural part of our human life. When resolved quickly, our systems return to normal and we move forward with a healed capacity. If however these imbalances go on for long periods of time, the added stress and tension in our systems builds up. Over time, this build-up expresses as deepening states of illness or challenge, impacts the other areas of our beings and lives, and, ultimately, compromises our innate resiliency.

Our bodies are not broken. We, as individuals, are not broken. Our bodies know how to heal. Our beings know how to flourish. The challenges and limitations we see expressing in our experience are a result of dysregulation in our systems – some likely known, some likely unknown. As complex beings, some things we can see and some we cannot; some things are active in our conscious mind and some are below our level of awareness and current understanding…

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