“The best way I can heal is to connect with myself, discover who I truly am underneath all the pain and judgment, and show up in compassion. And as I do that, the burden of the world is lessened, because we are all connected.” -Laurie McCracken

I am so filled-to-overflowing with joy to share this episode with you all. I have a sincere love and presence of appreciation for my guest, Laurie McCracken. Laurie is an incredibly gifted coach and healer and we had the opportunity to explore the substance of seemingly simple things that actually have the capacity to create massive shift in our lives. We discussed the importance and medicine of pleasure; the power of pausing and creating space; inviting curiosity and joy and compassion in meeting our needs; and finding the wisdom in the experiences that crack us open.

And through that thread, we ended up opening the conversation to understanding the trauma we experience from growing up in a society that conditions us to separate our bodies and our sexuality from our spirituality and humanity. Laurie invites us to heal that disconnect and come back into connection with our wholeness. She invites us to honor our bodies and our sexuality in this conversation from a space of sacred consciousness. Depending on where you are in your relationship to your body and your spiritual nature, this conversation might bring a lot up for you. Know that you are respected wherever you are and that you can take or leave anything that serves you.

Laurie is a gentle yet definite Revolutionary! She practices and teaches “Pleasure as Medicine”. In her experience, cultivating compassion and kindness, first of all towards ourselves, leads to deep healing of body, heart and mind. Healing is all about revealing what is hidden. Underneath our pretty much non-stop judgmental mind is an amazing human being, so worth connecting with!

To support her clients on their healing journey, Laurie uses her Experiential Life Credentials, along with her many mastered skills. She is an Authentic Tantra™ Practitioner (a trauma informed holistic healing modality), a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, a Nurse, a former Nun, an Energy Medicine Practitioner and a BodySex Workshop Leader (using the Betty Dodson Method).

Her passion is empowering, educating and inspiring men and women to reconnect with their authentic self- including their sexuality- in a sacred, joyful and deeply meaningful way. She believes re-uniting Sexuality with Spirituality is how we tap into our wholeness. Her intention and wish for you is that you experience first-hand the amazingness you discover that YOU are! That you are inspired by your own life, is her deepest desire for you!

Where to Find Laurie McCracken
FB: @lauriemccrackenhealthcoach

Inspired References from Today’s Show
Emotion Code and Body Code
Bodysex Method with Betty Dodson

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The music you hear in the introduction and closing of this podcast is from artist and composer Broke for Free (published under a Creative Commons Attribution license).

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