“Planting a garden is one of the most healthy things that you could possibly do… You’re transforming. You’re using your own sense of existence to re-impact the world around you. ”
-David Ranalli

Today is a deliciously deep dive into some intrinsic and yet often unexamined aspects of our human culture and ecosystem. My guest today is David Ranalli, a renowned magician and a philosopher of nature, media, and communication. Together, we discuss our personal relationships and identities with nature and our food systems; the revolutionary brilliance of permaculture; the interplay between nature and technology; the power of our choices; the organism of our planet; and how to reconnect to ourselves and our environment.

David has traveled the country performing for top tier venues and audiences for almost 20 years. You might recognize his work from on TV in various talk shows and commercials, or in online spheres like TedX, Creative Mornings, and Entrepreneur magazine.

Armed with his unique skills and experiences, David is on a mission to use his knowledge to inspire the world at a time where magic is needed most. Seeing the effects of climate change happening across the world, he realized that it would be up to each and every person to make a difference to restore our ecosystems, and to save ourselves from civil unrest, rising oceans, and technology run-amok. The mind blowing ramblings of David Ranalli will be sure to inspire you to see life differently, and to achieve more good than you ever thought you could.

Where to Find David Ranalli
IG: @davidranalli
FB: @ranallilive

Inspired References from Today’s Show
Bill Mollison
Geoff Lawton
Matt Powers
David Holmgren
Market Wagon
GreenBean Delivery
Growing Places Indy
Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe
Yuval Harari

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The music you hear in the introduction and closing of this podcast is from artist and composer Broke for Free (published under a Creative Commons Attribution license).

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