“In our society, there’s not a lot of people allowing other people to be in that space [of heartfelt possibility]. And so as a coach, when you allow them to be in that space, some magic happens.”
-Whitney Miller

I’m so grateful to share this moment of expression with today’s guest, Whitney Miller. Whitney is a transformational health and running coach and the founder and owner of Transcend Health and Wellness. In addition to being a wonderful coach, she is in a brilliant moment of blooming in her business and life; and we get the opportunity to be both witness and supporter. In today’s episode, we dive into her journey; owning where, when and why we’ve become complacent over pursuing our own thriving; the tenderness and necessity of compassion; the heart of reconnecting to ourselves and healing; how wellness is a community sport; and the power of celebrating together. She also shares about a special launch party happening next weekend (10/27). The event will be fantastic and includes a special celebrity raffle with proceeds to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Whitney helps women and men transform into their best bodies and selves, so they can look and feel fabulous. Through her life journey, she has been committed to her health and wellness and strives to share that passion with others. Through health coaching she has learned that you CAN have the body, health, and life you want! It is her vision to coach her clients how to uncover what’s been stopping them, slowing them down, and keeping them from having the body and life they want so they can transcend to their best self!

Where to Find Whitney Miller
IG: @transcend.health.and.wellness
FB: @transcend.health.and.wellness

Transcend Health and Wellness Launch Party
Saturday, October 27, 2018
Click here for all the details.

Inspired References from Today’s Show
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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The music you hear in the introduction and closing of this podcast is from artist and composer Broke for Free (published under a Creative Commons Attribution license).

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