Have you been witnessing the brilliance of the trees as this month has unfolded?

As their leaves become painted, they are tending to their cycles and needs… allowing their expression to change form as they let go of what can no longer be sustained and nourished. And they do this with an ease and beauty that can quite literally stop us in our tracks.

It’s total caring and non-judgment. They don’t cling to what was or what might be. They simply let their systems shift with deep grace — allowing their own nature without resistance.

What if we allowed ourselves to be as connected to our own needs?

In truth, it might not go quite as we expect it might…

There is exquisite beauty and brilliance in trees, but you may also note that there is rarely a straight or perfectly-constructed tree.

There are knots in their wood and tangles in their roots. And yet they grow.

There are bends and breaks in their structures. And yet they still grow.

There is a deep embracing of the imperfection. There is a resilience. There is character. There is integration.

This is the root of healing. Healing is not about cultivating perfection. Healing is about embracing and integrating all the parts of ourselves – to be fully expressed and nourished. It is from this foundation of healing that we ensure our needs and values are met; that we come to understand the goodness and grace that is here for us now; that we receive what is unfolding within and around us.

Healing is not about cutting off or diminishing the parts of ourselves that feel messy. Healing is about honoring the parts of us that feel tangled and unresolved. And in that honoring, we come to know a depth of wholeness and a depth of our own nature that is profoundly necessary. It’s a choice to be present and allow the expansion to unfold, including all that is and has been.

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