“The beautiful thing about improv is your mistakes turn into some of your most brilliant work, because it wasn’t something you planned. And so it had to be honest and it had to be in the moment, but it takes you to a place that is unexpected. And that’s exactly what life is.”
-Ed Trout


“We resist things, because it’s not what we wanted. But by resisting it, we’re not allowing ourselves growth.”
– Rev. Michael Everett Davis

I love the opportunity and the possibility of today’s interview. I also wholeheartedly love the humans with whom I am sharing space in this episode. It is a privilege and a joy to introduce you to two of my dearest friends and members of my spiritual family: Rev. Michael Everett Davis and Ed Trout. They are both incredibly multifaceted and brilliantly artistic individuals who partner with each other both in life and in creative endeavors. In our conversation, we get to the heart of surrender and trust; the spiritual toolkit of improv; the power of saying ‘yes, and..’; accepting what is; receiving and acknowledging the gift and the love that is here for us right now; compassionate presence and communication; transforming creative insecurity, and the necessity of failure.

Michael is a singer, actor, Interfaith Minister, improvisor and mystic. Ed is a founding member, co-owner, and Artistic Director of CSz Indianapolis, the home of ComedySportz. Ed is an experienced improvisational theatre actor, director and teacher. Beyond their formal professional roles, they also live their lives as a heartfelt spiritual practice and endeavor to be a presence of Love in the world, no matter what.

Where to Find Michael and Ed
LinkedIn: Ed Trout
Insta: @michaeleverettdavis
FB: @Rev.Michael.Everett.Davis

Inspired References from Today’s Show
The Guest House by Rumi
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
After Earth with Will Smith

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The music you hear in the introduction and closing of this podcast is from artist and composer Broke for Free (published under a Creative Commons Attribution license).

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