Karen E. Kirchman

Karen is a wholeness coach, integrative healer, and soulful enterprise maven. She serves her clients by supporting them in expressing their best and highest flourishing in the world. She believes in the potency of loving kindness; the necessity of revolutionary self-care; and the brilliance of the body, mind and soul.


Real Genius Life supports healing and expansive living through holistic wellness, integrative practices, and radical self-love.  Be well by nourishing your wholeness in mind, body and soul… This is a space of supported care. This is a space to reconnect with the healing brilliance of your body and the power of your purpose — the genius of being you! This is a space to unfold and engage your most nourishing life.

“A great healer should help you understand that you have the power and ability to heal. They are just a channel, a bridge to take you from where you are to where you want to be, but the healing is yours.”

-Anita Moorjani

Let’s make this a little more personal…

Well, hello there!  My name is Karen Kirchman and I’m so grateful you have found your way here. Real Genius Life is my vision and heart-centered mission; it is my instrument for being of the best and highest service. I am a wholeness coach , integrative healer, embodiment facilitator, and wellness enthusiast! I am a certified health coach (IIN), Reiki master practitioner and teacher, yoga teacher (RYT200 and ELM facilitator) and mindfulness facilitator. I am also an aromatherapy and wellness advocate. I am passionate about holistic wellness, functional medicine, and healing at every level.  I’m also an all-around culinary badass with an emphasis on clean, deeply wholesome nutrition.

As I’m sure most people can relate, I have come to find that unfolding a journey to happiness, vibrant health, and thriving is not, by any means, a straight line. 

This is partly due to the need to play and experiment to find what really resonates with our individual healing journeys, and partly due to the ever-expansive nature of life. Our needs and methods of support necessarily change as we grow.

 My own journey has included healing from complex chronic and autoimmune illness; connecting to a deep sense of worthiness and steadfast self-love; transforming every aspect and layer of my life; and creating a meaningful life. I’ve experienced both darkness and light as the path unfolded. Both are necessary. Both are healing. Both are an invitation to expand our own understanding and find love in all its many forms.

 Throughout my journey, I have experienced and trained in a wide variety of nutritional and therapeutic modalities, each imparting their own wisdom and value.  Some of them turned out to be critical healing partners for my body and soul. All of them served to deepen my relationship with myself. As my body healed, I found a beautiful unfolding of the rest of my being — opening me up to heal relationships with others and myself as well as connect with my passion and my voice.  The journey has certainly had its challenges, but I am deeply appreciative of them as they have brilliantly served my transformation.

 I believe in living a wholehearted, authentic life. I believe in exploring and engaging human potential. I believe in humor and possibility. I believe in healing and wholeness.

 As a coach and healer, I support clients in reconnecting to the genius and capacity that is already within their body, mind, and spirit. By remembering and strengthening these connections, they can heal at every level and transform their lives to experience their greatest dreams realized.

 I am honored to support you on your healing journey.

 With gratitude,

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