About the Series

You will cultivate a personal and empowering relationship with food, allowing your health and life to be fully supported. You will learn the principles of holistic nutrition; taste delicious offerings fresh from the farm; understand how to best fuel and connect with your body; and receive helpful resources to help you integrate what you learn.

Each session will include keynote learning focused on the theme, sharing through open dialogue and practice, and live demonstrations/sampling with a featured  ingredient grown directly on the farm. This material is geared toward teens and adults, but families are welcome and encouraged to join. There will be something for everyone.

Session 1

Seasonal Eating & Health Through Food

You will discover the building blocks and basics of health through the power of food.

Session 2

Intuitive Eating

Your body already knows how to thrive. Learn how to tune in and understand its needs and messages.

Session 3

Knowing What to Do

Understand what foods, resources and methods work for you and what you need to flourish.


The series will build over the course of the program, but each session is accessible individually. So, you do not need to attend every session to fully participate. Join for whatever sessions feel resonant for you.

Investment: $8 per session or $20 for the series



2525 W 44th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46228

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