Healing: An Integrative Approach

Each person, each breath, each heartbeat is unique. The space of our bodies and our lives change as we grow and evolve. The deepest experiences of healing involve many layers of our being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And so in order to transform the landscape of our bodies and lives, we need a supportive space that allows for these complexities and connections.

As humans, we need different experiences of care at different times. Sometimes, we need to be actively engaged in developing strategies for success. While at other times, we just need to relax and receive. An integrative approach to healing allows for these variable needs to be deeply nourished. It allows for completely customized care that meets you exactly where you are in every moment of the journey.

As a healer, I believe that we each have everything we need to heal within us or within our reach. And, I have learned that we were never meant to heal alone. It is through our relatedness that we heal and expand our experience — that we connect to the exact right information and foundation that we need to unlock our transformation. You are worthy of being cared for and of having the best possible support team for your health and your life.

Self-care is the courageous demonstration of loving care for ourselves. It is a purposeful and wholehearted expression –
a willingness to tend to our own needs, speak to our truth,
and embody our value (just as we are).

Wholeness Coaching

Be your most brilliant self. Breath deep and feel full. Engage the full capacity of integrated healing to unfold a meaningful, purpose-fueled life.

With me as your coach, I can help you…

  • connect to and express your deepest goals and desires
  • cultivate a loving relationship with your body and life
  • create a nourishing, wholehearted life that allows you to feel good at every level – body, mind, and soul
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Whole Health

Wellness is the foundation for a nourished life. But we are so often disconnected from our bodies and drowning in a sea of competing information and priorities that it can be difficult to know how to achieve thriving health on our own. Sometimes there are underlying chronic conditions or autoimmune illness affecting our success. And sometimes, a stressful job or painful relationship affect our health more than the food on our plate. Working with me as your coach, I provide vital support and guidance to help you sort through the confusion and the unknown, to help you find clarity and freedom, and to help you embody your most vibrant flourishing.

Food changes everything. As a certified health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have extensive experience in dietary theory, holistic nutrition, and whole life health. I specialize in alternative dietary protocols — food as medicine, particularly with plant-based diets and paleo approaches for reducing inflammation and healing autoimmune and chronic illness. No one thing works for everyone, but I can help you connect with the food and elements that best nourish your body and fuel your life.

Energy Transformation

Beyond the cells and physical structures in our bodies, our health and expression are deeply connected to the energy centers and focal points of our bodies. In yoga and Eastern medicine traditions, the main energy centers are known as the chakras. Beyond the main centers, our bodies can sometimes, in their own strange brilliance, serve as protective storehouses for unprocessed emotions and experiences which also affect our energy bodies. Having balanced, clear, and nourished energy centers and focal points in the body allows one to have a lightness of being — to feel free and fulfilled and allow greater levels of health and connection. When we are fully integrated and in balance, we allow ourselves to be supported by life, to be deeply empowered, and to create our lives on purpose.

I am trained as a Reiki master practitioner and teacher as well as a being in trained in other energy medicine modalities. Reiki is a very powerful form of energy work with its origin and roots in Japan. Energy work is a light-touch or no-touch technique that channels deep healing energy through the practitioner’s hands to the client. It can work at the physical level to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and boost the body’s immune system. It can also work at the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of healing; allowing us to feel supported and unburdened. It is a nourishing modality for ongoing/periodic support and balancing as we live our lives. And it can also deeply support us during times of crisis and trauma.

I have very successfully used energy work as a primary form of healing with individual/ongoing sessions (both in-person and by distance). I have also used energy work as a complementary practice both with coaching clients and with other forms of care (e.g. surgical procedures and recovery, physical trauma, or pregnancy/birth process).

Yoga, Mindfulness & Embodiment Practices

Mindfulness and embodiment practices bring a deep sense of awareness, connection, and present-moment focus to our day-to-day experience. Healing itself is a journey of embodiment — of bringing a sense wellness from an idea in our hearts and minds to our lived experience. There are many forms of mindfulness and embodiment: meditation, yoga, mindful movement, breathwork, intuitive/mindful eating, EFT tapping, and much more. Ultimately these modalities help us deepen our connection to ourselves and our experience. And it is from that space of awareness that we can finally feel beyond fear and limitation and anxiety — to come to know the deep presence of life.

I am a certified yoga teacher (RYT200), an experienced meditation facilitator as well as an Embody Love Movement facilitator. I utilize varying mindfulness and embodiment techniques to best meet each client’s needs.

Let yourself be filled from the inside-out and let the world be served from your overflowing.

Plant Therapeutics & Essential Oils

Plants have deeply restorative and incredibly healing properties — from the fruits and vegetables we eat to restorative teas, tinctures, oils, and salves. They have the capacity to nourish, to measurably speed recovery and healing, to support balanced emotions, to facilitate mood/focus (e.g. creativity or relaxation), and to support what is most needed for the body and soul. For clients, I often recommend plant-based protocols, whether a shift to the diet or an essential oil self-care practice, to help nurture a client’s experience and goals.
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