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The Soulful Remedy: A Mind-Body-Soul Integrative Approach
for Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Illness
Individual Coaching: Clarity of Heart Sessions & the Clarity of Being Package

The Soulful Remedy

A Mind-Body-Soul Integrative Approach for Chronic Pain
& Autoimmune Illness

A mix of practical and intuitive, The Soulful Remedy offers  evidence-based methods and soulful insight to support healing from chronic pain and autoimmune illness…

Honor your whole being from your physiology to your wild spirit by choosing  completely customized support. There are no cookie-cutter plans or endless elimination diets. With The Soulful Remedy, you can:

  • Engage the deeper wisdom of your body
  • Untangle the true sources of your pain
  • Clear out limiting beliefs and unexpressed emotions that are locking it into your body
  • Create a supported path to healing that aligns your mind, body and soul

Body as Compass Alignment Session

20-Minute Complimentary Session

Your body already has the intelligence and capacity to heal, but it needs the right environment and conditions to unlock its natural brilliance. Find clarity and resolve the confusion in your pain or illness. Learn how  you can be nourished in your healing with completely tailored support.

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The Soulful Remedy Package

$888 for Month-to-Month Support

Be ignited, inspired, & unleashed. Clear obstacles and challenges. Engage what nourishes you. Package includes:

  • 2-90 minute coaching sessions
  • Personal energy clearing & alignment integrated into one-on-one sessions
  • 24×7 email access and support
  • Resources and materials completely tailored to your needs & priorities
  • Access to relevant recordings to reference & support your process
  • No heavy commitments. Wholeheartedly renew your package as it deeply serves you.

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"Karen has been my go-to when I've experienced pain in my body, and when I've gone through intense periods of transformation. She pulls from a breadth of deep knowledge of the body, mind, and soul to create a sacred space for healing. I'm grateful to have Karen as part of my healing tribe. Her work and presence is truly a gift. "

 – Kelly, New York

"The session I had with Karen was life-changing. She knew exactly how to help me at I time when I couldn't even describe what was going on with my body. I was especially impressed with her intuitive gifts. The energetic tools she used during the session helped me shift from stagnant and frustrated to open and flowing with ease. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before! My energy as a whole feels more abundant. Operating at this higher vibration has become my new normal. I know the session with Karen was integral in making this happen at the perfect time. Thank you, Karen. Your work is pure magic!"

 – Karma Aja, Connecticut

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching (single sessions) offers you incredible potency and support as YOU need it. Get help to move through a major crisis or integrate this work as part of your ongoing self-care. Clear the struggle and stagnation. Root in your wholehearted vision. Open the pathway for meaningful success.

Wholehearted Alignment Session

20-Minute Complimentary Session

Find clarity in your challenges and learn how you can be nourished in your healing. Let yourself be supported in every breath.

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Clarity of Heart Session

$333 for 60-Minute Session

Resolve the challenges of this moment and open your pathway forward for inspired vision and aligned expansion.

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Clarity of Being Package

$1,444 for 5-60 Minute Sessions

Engage the potency of present-moment focused support as you need it. This package of 5-60 minute Clarity of Heart sessions meets you where you are. Schedule according to your needs and experience. (Package includes a 66% discount over purchasing individual sessions.)

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**Real Genius Life is founded on principles of sacred economics and embodies openness and access. If you feel called toward working with Karen — that this work is the necessary path for you — but you are not able to invest in the full cost of the programs, you may be a good match for our scholarship program.  A select number of scholarships are available every year. If you are interested, please email our Support Team to receive an application.**

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