Reiki Training

Empowered Healing for Self- and Community-Care

Reiki energy healing is a radical and empowering modality of care with Japanese roots. It offers the support of wisdom-based foundations. It offers grounding in ethical, sustainable practice. And, it offers a pathway of wholehearted care that meets us exactly where we are – body, mind, and soul.

Formal Reiki Training unfolds in three main stages of practice with the option of teacher training after the Master level:

  • Reiki Level I – Chakras, Physical Healing & Self-Healing
  • Reiki Level II – Emotional Healing, Distance Healing & Healing with Others
  • Reiki Master Level – Soul-Level Healing & Master Practitioner Training
  • Reiki Teacher Training
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Reiki Training Image Header reads Reiki Training for Feminists, Empaths and Humans Who Care

How we care for ourselves and how we care for others, our communities, and our world are practices of liberation. In exploring and practicing Reiki, we gain tools to serve powerfully and openheartedly, to cultivate true listening and compassion, and to empower our deepest values and capacities.

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Reiki Level I

Intro to Reiki, Chakras, Physical Healing
& Self-Healing

Reiki I is focused on physical healing and self-practice, as this is the foundation of any other care. We must serve others and the world from a place of healthy boundaries and rootedness in our own resource and capacity; so we begin by nurturing our inner environment. It will also empower you with tools to practice with loved ones and address other needs in your life.

New dates coming soon.
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Reiki Level II

Emotional Healing, Distance Healing
& Healing with Others

Practitioners grow from the foundation level to offer meaningful care to others and go deeper into emotional healing in Level II. The Reiki Level II Attunement and Training is the right path for practitioners seeking to access greater depth in their own healing, to expand their knowledge and experience in helping others heal, and to up-level their energy healing skills.

COMING UP: October 21, 2023

Reiki Master Level & Teacher Training

Soul-Level Healing, Master Practitioner
Training, & Teacher Training

Two highly correlated yet individual trainings offered in one powerful weekend…

In the Reiki Master Training, practitioners open to greater levels of healing, soul guidance, and the tradition and practice of Reiki in its fullest expression. The Reiki Teacher Training will go beyond the basics to help you grow into the healer and teacher you want to be.


Reiki Level I Onsite Training

August 19, 2023  |  Noon-6:30 PM
Indianapolis, IN

A Reiki Level I Training is a space of learning, exploration, and practice. It is both educational and experiential. We will come together in community to be together, to grow (personally and collectively), and to choose intentional healing.

Anyone (truly anyone) can learn Reiki. In its origin, it was taught to loved ones of all ages to help care for members of their family and community who needed ongoing care support.

No prior experience or training is needed. And no additional materials will be required. All training content will be provided.

Note: Space is limited for this training. Complete registration to secure your spot!
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Hosted by Inner Path

Southside Location
7673 Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN 46227

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What can Reiki Level I do for you?

There are as many different motivators, intentions, and benefits in practicing Reiki as there are humans who choose it. 

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A note on lineage and view orientation:

There are many types of Reiki practice and training, and there are many other forms of energy healing. I have trained in multiple modalities both within and beyond the ‘Reiki’ label. I prefer to (and am trained to) teach in alignment with the original lineage of Reiki, the Usui lineage that comes from the founder of the practice, Mikao Usui. It is important to honor and respect cultures of origin, especially when so many of these practices have been colonized and decontextualized and/or blended with other practices.

I believe there is tremendous value in having a variety of experiences and access points when it comes to healing. And I believe it’s important to understand the moral and ethical bounds of practice and to have clarity in the integrity of how we are shaped.

All of my Reiki trainings are taught in alignment with and continue forward the Usui lineage. The practice of Usui Reiki is also one that is inherently open and receptive, which means it can be integrated with and complementary to many other forms of healing and therapeutic practice.

I always share with my clients and students that one can find every texture and flavor of Reiki practitioner and teacher out in the world. There is no standardized accreditation for Reiki practitioners in the U.S. So it’s really important to find a teacher with whom one resonates – as a teacher, as a practitioner, as a human. The lineage of Reiki offers certain principles and foundations that should be universal across trainings in the same form. But you will learn much more than that from your teacher. I encourage students to find the right fit for them; trust in what calls to their hearts.

Interested in Virtual Training?

The beauty of energy healing is that it is accessible wherever we are and can be adapted to many environments and containers. If you resonate with the material and invitation you find here, yet you need more flexibility in timeline or location; consider virtual training. A virtual Reiki Training series is in the works that will include live sessions that can be attended from any location.